Three First Steps to Take After Losing a Loved One

When it comes to losing a loved one, there is never enough notice. Regardless of how they passed their family and friends will mourn the loss of their most valuable life and wish for more time spent with them. The best way that they can be remembered is through honoring their life. Grief can be overwhelming and that is why this list compiles the most important tasks to complete after losing a loved one to make it simpler to accomplish what is needed without lots of research and energy that the bereaved simply do not have.


Speak with Medical Staff- They will have important information for the family and may ask about organ donation. It is up to the family to decide. However, the loved one may have already signed up to be a donor that is important to consider.

Contact Loved Ones- Family and close friends should be the first to know about a death. Calls are the best method and one person does not need to inform everyone themselves as that can be incredibly difficult. Create a phone chain where each person contacts another until everyone is informed.


Make Funeral Arrangements- An internet search can reveal many local funeral homes to select between. Make an appointment to come in and discuss funeral services Hunterdon County NJ. They will discuss burial and cremation options along with viewing plans and an obituary.

Plan a Gathering- In most cases after a funeral or burial service, there is a gathering of close family and friends that come together to support each other and share fond memories of the deceased. A meal can be cooked, catered, or ordered. Also, the event can be announced as a potluck where all guests contribute to the meal.

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Attend to Personal Property- After the services have concluded at some point their home needs to be secured. Taking out the trash, turning off the utilities, and collecting mail is necessary. For better convenience mail should be forwarded to the executor of the estate’s home.

Attain Death Certificates- For legal reasons several death certificates are needed. Letting the government, companies, insurers, and more know about the death of a loved one is a long process. It can be done a little at a time starting with the most important organizations to notify.

The death of a family member is a challenging time. Their loss can be immediately felt. It is difficult to know which steps to take after a loss without direction. Speaking with medical personal followed by informing family and friends of the loss are the first steps. Next, planning the service and gathering should be completed. Finally, attending to the personal property, mail, and death certificates are the last tasks. Coping with grief and loss takes time. There is no rushing the healing process but the deceased will always be remembered.