The Box Around the Coffin

It is never truly up to the living to decide what the dead want, even after they have died, and have no words left to speak. The box around the coffin is the home of the coffin, the building names a Funeral Home, and is a place where many of the same dead are contained. They are left to be as is, while their wishes are fulfilled. For what value does this come with, other than monetary value and tears?

You can search online for any funeral costs brisbane near you. t is as if they were garden plants, to be maintained as if such departed ones were still alive. Even among warmth, where vast fields stream the winds to turn a dandelion to bow to another of its kind, there is the still the mourning from the living, when in thought upon the dead. A box around a coffin symbolizes where one place words, as the eulogy or the obituary. We say such words, in our homes, as if these now-dead people were still able to listen. Kindness is never a lost trait, whether it be from father to son, or from daughter to mother, or to whomever; and it is never a thing that is lost among memories. Memories are kept close, alike to that box around the coffin, and alike that box that encases the body a living one had embraced. Delicacy among frailty is indeed a chore for some; though, for others, it is an honor. Memories do not leave us. Anything that holds value to the box around the coffin would be the smiles from the recipients for their services. To be there with them, in any area that holds a smile, would make any monetary expendable the least concern. For when it comes to the loneliness of a heart, after the departure from a death, that is where the absence has struck. Absence is always met with denial, to the one who died and to those still living. Tears are also the absence, and do we miss them? We never miss what had not been clung upon, and tears are always hanging loose. Tears and sadness are always beckoning us to free it.

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The currency held in our pockets will be lost to cover the dues to a world the demands it. What does a world demand from tears? They may speak of us to forget the departed one, and such is always impossible. It is here where we say that to sacrifice, or to lose, should hold separate definitions. What do we have for way of vulnerability when it comes to this absence? This loss, that has come upon us, when a person has left our presence, is only sometimes a loss, and also, sometimes a sacrifice.

The box around the coffin is a place that collects these memories, before the earth swallows them whole. They are still kept in our hearts, because no value is more worth saving, than the thing we find too impossible to discard.