Scary Babysitter Stories: Keeping Your Children Safe

Maybe a few decades ago you could just hire the girl down the street to babysit your children, but nowadays parents must be much more careful. It can be at best unpleasant to have a poor sitter and at worst, disastrous.
A woman named Katie tells of leaving her three toddlers with a sitter and coming home to three drunken teens. They’d polished off the better part of a bottle of vodka, as well as leaving some empties in the trash.
Teri relates how she arrived back home and found the thermostat turned up to 85 and the 5-month-old wearing several shirts, three pairs of pants, and a jacket. Though told it’s dangerous to overheat children, the same sitter later had the child half-naked with the oven on and open and stove burners turned up on high.
One person, now an adult, recalls that when she bit a child, the babysitter then bit her and drew blood. Another sitter smoked and yelled at the kids constantly. She kept forcing the child outdoors, but it was a wooded area with lots of snakes and spiders and the child was always scared to be out there alone.
Susan relates that she hired a sitter for her four children. A few weeks later, she received her phone bill and there were charges of $60 for phone porn services-calls made by that same sitter
It can get even worse than this. A babysitter took two young sisters up in his airplane and threatened to throw them out. You see, James [name changed] molested the sisters until one was 12 and the other was 10 years old. It wasn’t until the older one was being transported by her mom to register for junior high that she finally told her mother not to hire James anymore because he’d been touching them inappropriately for years. As soon as they arrived home, the mom immediately called the police.
Of course, there are many reliable babysitters, but our children are the most important ones in our lives. We cannot risk their welfare; we must know that those caring for them are conscientious, experienced, caring, and fun. It can be much safer hiring a babysitter through an agency. A quality agency background-screens their sitters and makes sure they are CPR/First Aid certified. The agency also ensures that the sitters are experienced caring for various ages and conditions.
Unless the kids absolutely insist on gazing at the TV set for hours, good sitters also entertain the children with toys, books, or games. They aren’t perfect–no human is–but they love kids and they love what they do. An agency also typically costs more, but how much are our children worth and how important is their safety?

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