Pride in One’s Child Should Mean Pride in Oneself

Parenthood isn’t easy to prepare for. There’s a lot of advice out there for new moms. In fact, one might even argue that there’s too much advice. And quite a lot of it deals with things which don’t matter too much in the long run.

One can find endless debates over the health benefits of various baby foods. There’s personal and academic debate over various points of a child’s development. And it goes on and on. And oftentimes the actual personal connections are lost amid all the argument.

One of the more tragic aspects of this confusion comes from the whole idea of a personal connection. There’s simply not much discussion regarding how we relate to our children as they grow into their own. How much of our personhood do we invest in the role of mother or father? How much of our child’s accomplishments reflect on us? These aren’t easy questions to answer. But they’re points people need to think about if their children push forward into some of the more dangerous areas of life.

For example, consider a mother whose child dreams of joining the marines. TV and movies love to highlight military funerals and the like. And this can bring about a real crisis for many mothers. We all want our children to find fulfillment in their adult life. And we’re also proud of the idea that our children might make the world a better place. We’re scared of losing our children. But at the same time proud to think that they might enter dangerous situations and save lives. How do we relate to our children when they’re considering that direction in life? Do we embrace the idea of becoming a proud marine mom?

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In the end it’s not something we can really decide on for our children. The main reason is that we influence our child’s sense of right and wrong. But they’re growing up in a world inherently different to what we experienced at their age. We can’t know what we’d do if we were in their shoes. The generation gap is a very real thing. And like it or not, our children are always going to see different paths in life than we did.

However, what we can do is have faith in our children. We can have faith in ourselves and our spouses as well. Children who grows up with love and courage in their hearts will do what’s right in the end. And this is one of the reasons why many mothers both take pride in their child’s service and take some credit for it as well.

Courage isn’t something randomly imparted onto people. It’s something that’s instilled in a child by courageous parents. And in the end, that’s what makes a mother’s pride justified. When she sees her child risking it all to do the right thing, she knows she had some part in it. When our children do right by the world, we can be sure that we’ve done right by them.