Family Relationships – Embrace the Oddities!

The nuclear family is the ideal when it comes to the American family. I don’t know about you, but I’ve never been able to find a single family that seems to work this way. As we all know, the family dynamic is so much more complicated than that. You should savor your family. The best way to do that is to embrace the oddities!
Bob Hope told an old joke that was as funny as it probably was accurate. He was asked how he learned to dance. He said it was because he had six brothers and learned it while jumping up and down waiting for the bathroom! It is the kind of thing those of us raised in large families can certainly appreciate. This is because of the basic family size law. The more family members, the fewer the number of bathrooms!
Regardless, it can be tough to appreciate your siblings and parents when growing up. How could they be that way? Well, the simple fact is everybody has their unique characteristics and that includes you. We are all odd to some extent and this becomes particularly apparent when a small group of people lives together 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for years on end. There is simply no way to hide the warts and all that long.
You can either be bitter and angry when it comes to your family or you can just accept them for what they are as you become an adult. I was once very standoff with certain parts of my family, but have seen the light in recent years. I’ve come to accept that people simple are they way they are and so am I. Once you can accept that and let the little things go, you’ll find your family is comprised of some pretty funny people. Then you can really learn to enjoy family gatherings.

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