Different Choices in Senior Living

As Tammy looked around the house she has lived in since childhood, she thought about the memories that had been created there. She loved the old place, but at 68, with rheumatoid arthritis and on a tight budget, it was time to move on. No more raking leaves, shoveling snow, or worrying about leaks in the roof or repairs to the furnace. She had heard good things about the seniors’ apartments from those she spoke with on her daily walks to the neighborhood parks where she had watch her children run and play. She made up her mind that it was time to down size her life.

Dennis is in the rehab center trying to regain full use of his right arm after a mild stroke. He is sure that in a few more weeks he will be back to normal, but at 79, he knows he must make life style changes to improve his health. Currently recuperating in a care facility gave him time to consider his options and choose future living arrangements. There is a variety of senior housing options and levels of care to choose from and he wants a level of privacy and the security of knowing that help is available if he needs it.

Anna and her husband, Bob, are looking for the right place for her mother, Cassey, to live. Some days when she sits down for breakfast, she is as clear as a bell, knowing the current date, what happened the day before and when her favorite television shows are coming on. Then, there are the days when she gets dress and sits in the living room waiting for her deceased husband to come to pick her up. On those days Anna will drive her to a local senior day care facility to be around others she knows and trusts. Anna and Bob are worried that the episodes will start happening more often or she might decide to go some where in her confused state while they are away from home. They have started looking for the right place for her to live that offer 24 hour a day supervision and care.

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In each of the previous scenarios, the person needs housing and care appropriate for their individual circumstances. Contacting a Medicaid specialist Oyster Bay NY may provide answers and make the task much easier. There a variety of senior facilities available and finding the right one is key for individual happiness, safety and care needs. Some senior housing offer only housing in a community environment and common areas for mixing and mingling. Others offer meals as well as cleaning and laundry services. There are others that also offer personal and medical care and services as well. Then there are nursing homes that provide 24 hour a day attention with skilled medical personal available.

Finding the right level of independence and care may be hard and require the help of a professional experienced at meeting the needs of senior citizens, including the financial needs relating to the cost. Medicaid specialists are individuals or agencies trained and experienced in just that task. There are websites that may help in the task, such as the National Institute on Aging and AARP. Hopefully the information will make the quest easier.