Building Childhood Memories that last a Lifetime

Back in the “good ole’ days” before you had to worry about traffic jams on your way to work, paying bills, cooking dinner, laundry or any one of a seemingly endless number of things we are now responsible for, we were kids. We had simpler lives that, if you were lucky revolved around having fun. Childhood friends, favorite places, or favorite toys, there was plenty to keep us busy and having fun. One of my favorite ways to pass the time was spending it inside a Playhouse that my father had built.

The Gold Standard of Childhood Fun

Having a playhouse to spend your days playing in was a magical experience. It didn’t matter if you had a cardboard box or a “plywood mansion” the fun was endless. Your playhouse could be a “house” one minute and “jail” the next. You could pretend you were in the old west in a saloon, or it could be a medieval castle. Ah, the nostalgic stroll down memory lane, it’s great to remember the good time’s gone by. Now that we’re adults, we have kids of our own. More often than not our kids are sitting inside on the couch with a controller, tablet, or another device in their hands. The children of the digital age seem far removed from the memories of our youth. Though, watching my own children with a large cardboard box assures me that we may not be that different. Seeing them play for hours with this old box inspired me to build them their own playhouse.

Returning to Good Old-Fashioned Fun!

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The first thing I did was go online and ask the guru of the internet (otherwise known as Google) about “playhouses for sale“. I was absolutely amazed at the number of results that came up. Everything from pre-built to build it yourself models was available. Every color, style, and material you could think of was ready to be shipped to me at the click of a button. Some stores even offered to come and set up the playhouse for me. After perusing my many options for a few hours, I finally decided which route I would take. I was going to purchase the materials online and have them delivered to my residence. Then I would recruit my children to help me in much the same way my father had me.

A Chore or Time for Bonding?

Now I’m not going to say building the playhouse was the easiest thing I’ve done, but it was not that difficult. All you really need is a few basic tools and the ability to read instructions. Throw your kids into this mix, and you will have a day full of surprises; From lost tools, to swearing the company left some parts out (they didn’t by the way), it was a memorable day, to say the least. My children and I had an opportunity to bond, and to build some fantastic family memories together.