Anxiety Disorder in Children

A lot of young children will feel anxiety when they are confronted by new people or a unfamiliar situation which course the child to shy away and cling to a familiar person like there parents or someone they know. Normally the parent can encourage there child to come out of there safe zone so they can experiences the new situation. In some cases it can be a very tearful event and your child will resist going into the new situation. It may take you some time and patience to help make your child fell confident in dealing with this situation.Sometimes as parents we are unaware of are child’s fear until that big day comes where they are going to start day care or school, No one likes leaving there child when they are crying with there teacher or caregiver this is also upsetting for us as parents. It great idea to meet with the teacher or caregiver to discusses what can be done to help your child get over this fear and concerns.

Children’s anxiety is no different to us adults the anxiety come from the fear of the unknown but with children’s anxiety can be more harder for them to understand as children have little control over the events that will effect them. Often children’s anxiety disorder is a combination of lack of control, the unknown and fear of the situation also with them being shy and/or sensitive nature which is sometimes your child’s course of there anxiety disorder.

Refusal To Go To School

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A normally happy child that loved going to school, has now become withdrawn and/or become emotional, you have notice a behavioral problem. Your child might be complaining of always having headaches, stomach cramps from Monday to Friday. This MIGHT mean that your child is being bullyed at school or maybe some other school related situation. You should sit down with your child and ask them if there is anything going on at school which might be coursing them to have anxiety about going to school. It’s also a very good idea to talk to the school and your child’s teacher to see if they can shed some light on the situation.

Difficulties In Your Child’s Behaviour

Dose your children throw a tantrums when its time for bed or asked to clean there room?. This could be as simple as your children having difficulties in showing there emotions because they just can not find or have the right words to say. A child that is anxious can sometimes blame behavior problems on something else. This is because they do not want to admit to the fear as there little minds can not understand whats going on. Your child will act out with all manner of disruptive behaviors. If your child feels as they are not getting enough attention form you they can show behave problems so that they can get your attention. This could be anything like throwing tantrums, fighting with there bothers or sisters, biting. Now if your child is upset with you. You might find your favorite cd collection thrown around the room( they might break something that you treasurer). If your child feels as they are inadequate they might not want to do things with you or do sports as they have the fear of failure or humiliation.

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What Should We Do As Parents

Always communicate with your children

Spend time with them talking about there day

Don’t look down at there anxiety or fear

Be supportive but don’t give in

Your child needs to know that they can trust you

Show them how to do something, don’t take over

Help them with there own problem solving skills

Teach your child how to handle a disappointment

Step in where necessary

Let your child develop their own way of positive coping strategies

Teach them that they must be responsibility for there action

Let your child have input into decisions which will affect them (only where possible)

Be consistent where discipline is concerned

Encourage friendships with other children in there age group

Show them how to learn from there mistakes

Take an interest in what interest them

Treat each child as an individual

Express pleasure in all there efforts good or bad

and before you ask yes i do have children. He’s to a happier and healthier children.