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What You Should Know about Slip and Fall Accidents.

Although an event might seem simple and small, the consequences might be so serious. Usually, slip and fall accidents may result in serious injuries. Among the injuries that may be caused by slips and falls include brain injury, back injuries, fractures, and death. If you encounter the slip accident in a property belonging to another person, compensation from the arising injuries is possible. Such compensations will, however, be possible if the owner of the property is at fault or negligent.

There are many places where these kinds of accidents can occur. For instance, the accident may occur at home, shopping mall, at work or a friend’s property. For elderly and children, slip and falls can result in permanent injuries. Such accidents also cause death sometimes. However, the property owner or manager is often held responsible for such accidents.

Slips and falls can be initiated by various hazards. One such factor is the surface condition. For example, an uneven floor that does not have warning signs may cause slips and falls. There other surface conditions which may trigger slip and fall accident that include liquid spillages, loose floor rugs, floorboards, and mats, wet floors, and parking lots with potholes. On the other hand, grease and oil, as well as unsalted ice can result in slips and falls.

Also, environmental conditions can cause slip and fall accidents. Among such environmental conditions are such as poor lighting, bright light on shiny floor resulting in glares, open drawers and desks, and trash on the floors. Other hazards are such as stairs and ladders without a handrail.

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To minimize liabilities from slips and falls, a property owner or manager can put in place certain measures. You can reduce such accident by maintaining dry and floors that are not slippery. Also, you can put wet floor signs to warn people in case of a wet floor. For liquid spills, however, clean up immediately. You can also minimize such accidents through proper lighting, displaying warning signs, and getting rid of walkway obstacles.

In case you suffer injuries from slips or falls, and the owner is at fault, you should be compensated. Compensation for such claims are negligence based. However, proving negligence is not an easy task. Hiring a personal injury attorney can help you prove negligence.

All slips and falls are usually different Basically, case will determine whether you or the property owner is at fault. Again, you must show that the injury occurred because it was a dangerous condition known by the property owner. Basically, a professional lawyer would be helpful in such a case.

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