Making Tough Choices in Celebrating the Life of a Loved One

When a loved one passes away, family members are suddenly faced with some difficult choices. Not only do those closest to the deceased have to face the daunting task of handling the finances and possessions left behind, but also funeral arrangements. Families are using ingenious means of bringing honor and dignity to a former loved one’s life while also being cost-effective in this achievement. So, the lingering question remains: How can loved ones be enabled in making difficult decisions when one passes on?

Funeral homes are now offering multi-layered services in providing these options to families that are faced in dealing with this unexpected expense, such as those offering cremation services Dallas, TX. According to WebMD, it is important to discuss with your family what options are preferred before one passes away. This conversation can be uncomfortable however, in hindsight this can be very valuable in determining such directives as palliative healthcare, hospice care decisions, and whether or not to continue life support in a case of long-term hospitalization or coma.

Another suggestion is by having a living will, also referred to as an advanced directive, ensures that your loved ones are not faced with making tough decisions alone, but rather you have laid out your final wishes, including any burial arrangements. You can search online for any cremation services dallas tx in your area. It can be hard for family members to make decisions quickly under the stress of planning a funeral or memorial, and having arrangement pre-planned can ease this level of stress for many of your loved ones. Finally, a power of attorney, or POA, can be a relative or a close family friend that can speak and act on your behalf when one is no longer able to speak for themselves. According to information found on Wikipedia, a power of attorney may be special, as in limited to a certain type or function for a specific time span. In some jurisdictions, a health care power of attorney gives temporary authority to the loved one to make health care decisions, including following on directives for ending life support. In some cases, and/or jurisdictions, the living will can work in conjunction with the power of attorney with the same documentation involved. Having these conversations, and having these often, really helps to cement your exact needs when a loved one passes away. The person in question will not be able to advocate for themselves when they are gone, so any communication that can be done beforehand can-do wonders in easing the difficult time of transition for those left behind.

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In considering the above suggestions, families have many alternatives available in making decisions that will reduce the stress involved with planning a beautiful funeral for their loved one that has passed away. Now more than ever we can see these alternatives as a resource in exploring these options. Honoring a family member with much-deserved dignity, compassion, and many fond memories is fulfilling.