Is Domestic Brutality All Over the Place?

You will know that there is domestic abuse when there are clear indications of abusive behaviours by one or more persons in a closely knit family relationship. The social associations could be based on marriage, family relationship, dating, kinship and friendship. As discussed in the section below, domestic abuse has various types.
By beating, kicking, throwing things or biting an individual close, you are applying physical consequences of physical abuse could be injuries of a nasty nature,disability and can cause death. This type of ill-treatment is commonly easily detected when compared to other types of domestic maltreatment.
When force is used to compel someone to participate in some sexual act then that is categorised as sexual abuse. Individuals who are specially defenseless fall victim to good examples are such things as the influence of alcohol, pressure and disability. In human relationships such as marriages and friendships, it is not that easy to detect this type of ill-treatment.
The signs are not so obvious when someone is emotionally abused. Emotionally victimised persons may be financially and economically at the mercy of the maltreater. Another method used is shame,isolation from the community and public embarrassment. It is not uncommon to find states of affairs where a victim is blackmailed and suppressed due to fear of exposure of an embarrassing situation or fear of losing financial assistance.
Why is domestic assault a real social problem.Psychological consequences such as personal disorders seem to be quite way in which families are formed and the manner we are influenced by the surroundings is likely to affect the way we treat others. Individuals’ abusive manners are commonly influenced by how they learned or copied specific cultural behaviours towards other family members. This may also be regarded as the norm and usually society may choose to disregard abusive activities probably until this results into a fatality.
There are numerous cases were brutality is perpetrated due to the use of drugs and alcohol. When someone uses drugs he or she experiences mental disorders which may lead to assault because their usual behaviour is altered.
Sometimes the predominant aspects which push someone towards domestic maltreatment are the need to be authoritative and controlling all the time towards other family members. People who may have experienced feelings of inadequacy in life or low self-assurance may resort to abuse as a means of overcoming that inadequacy. Complex aspects like genetic, social and economic influences are some of the causes behind persons who enjoy exercising their power over others.
The problems created by domestic abuse are far more problematic, if not impossible, to solve than preventing them at the outset.Victims must find courage to fight domestic maltreatment and hold the offender to account for their actions by speaking out. Protecting the image of a family relationship or a human relationship at the expense of solving the problem of assault is regarded by some victims of brutality as more is probably best to speak to a close and responsible friend or relative and try to resolve the issue without too much exposure. Victims of abuse whose life is severely in danger or risk serious injury must contact the police or social welfare establishments for assistance.

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