Going Back To School: How Mothers Should Deal With Children Anxiety

Endless are the questions and anxieties a child could have at the beginning of the school year and who is better than us, mothers, to calm them and push their worries away. But first let us review the reason behind that anxiety.

Remember, that after a long summer spent in the heart of their parents, children will feel worried about how it will be away from their family, how it will feel to spend the whole day with a new teacher and new students that they might not get along with. It is not easy to be obligated to accept new people and a whole new society, so it is more than normal to feel uncomfortable during the first few days of school.

When a kid is obsessed with his worries then a normal anxiety could become a separation anxiety disorder and in that case, parents will need help to solve the problem. But in a normal anxiety, how should parents react?

Meeting with the teacher: Get to know your child’s teacher if he sees that you’re familiar with his teacher he will feel more comfortable around her.

Create an initiative: Ask the teacher if it’s possible for your son or daughter to prepare cookies for his friends and bring them to school with him or help him prepare a thank you card for his teacher. Gestures like that could help him feel closer to his school society and he will feel more excited to go to school the next day.

The magic kiss: Before leaving, kiss your child on the palm of his hand and tell him that this is a magical kiss that won’t fade away. Whenever he misses you ask him to put his hand on his cheek and he will feel as If you are near him. This technique works like a charm with emotional children.

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Organize a play date: Meet with some parents and plan for playing dates to help your child get more familiar with his classmates.

Special treats and snacks: Take your child to the supermarket and allow him to pick special treats for school that he will be happy to have and share with his friends.

Cool school supplies: Buy your kids or take them to choose their own school supplies. Things they would love to use while studying.

Small things like that could make a huge difference in your child’s emotion behavior. And most importantly be there for him, support him for as long as his anxiety will take.